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Job Opportunity at CVPeople Africa, Warehouse And Store Officer

Nafasi za Kazi CVPeople Africa, Warehouse And Store Officer

Manufacturing, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

A fabulous opportunity is open for warehouse and store officer. The ideal candidate will be responsible for overseeing and managing the company's sales and distribution warehouse activities.

Job Description
Plan and monitor the receiving and storage of goods.

Management of the warehouse and stock.

Control inventory levels by working with the supervisor in weekly stock checking including physical counting and reconciling with data storage system.

Alert the management on short expiry items and advice that they could be put on a discount to encourage customers to take the stock.

Supervise the timely temperature checks in the warehouse and in the cold rooms and take immediate action when the temperature is not according to the required standards.

Report to the supervisor in writing in case of any breakdown that compromises the compliance to the required storage standards.

Plan and propose and implement the design layout, Implement new designs layouts.

Monitor the recording of temperature several times a day and avail the records to supervisor quarterly and whenever required.

Management and record keeping of the products/goods in the rented space.

Establishment to the supervisor of the available warehouse rental options.