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Job Opportunity at Democratic Governance Manager, Institutions for Inclusive Development (I4ID)

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Nafasi ya Kazi Democratic Governance Manager, Institutions for Inclusive Development (I4ID) 
Application deadline : 2017-06-20

Business / Employer name : The Palladium Group

Job categories :Other

Job Role : Management

Position Type :Full Time

Organization Type : Private Sector
Other Dar es Salaam District Dar Es Salaam

Palladium is seeking a dynamic individual to play a key management and leadership role in an exciting new programme in Tanzania. 

Institutions for Inclusive Development (I4ID), just starting its implementation phase and running until 2021, is applying new and innovative approaches to contribute to a version of Tanzanian development that benefits the largest number of people possible ? including the poor and most vulnerable in society ? through more inclusive growth and better public services.

 The programme is designed to address some of the fundamental governance challenges for inclusive development including underlying governance relationships, and systematic failures in policy formulation and administration.

The strategy for doing this will be to bring stakeholders together to help coordinate and act more effectively in their collective interest, supporting the emergence of coalitions around specific issues relevant to improving inclusive growth and service delivery in Tanzania. Political stakeholders are particularly important in these equations, and I4ID will work with them to strengthen democratic institutions to become more inclusive and accountable. This will include supporting elected representatives who are interested to deliver developmental improvements for their constituents.

I4ID is looking for a Democratic Governance Manager to lead the programme?s work with political institutions and stakeholders. He/she will providing technical leadership and management inputs for I4ID?s work relating to democratic institutions (political parties, parliament, elections, local and central government). The work will be integrated with the other aspects of the programme, in particular with coalition building around select issues relating to economic growth or service delivery.

This is an extremely exciting opportunity for a dynamic and ambitious individual to work at the cutting edge of smart and effective development programming, and to be directly engaged in real and meaningful change processes in Tanzania. 

The position requires a multitude of competencies, and it will offer a great variety of experience and opportunities working with some leading international and national experts and practitioners, including close collaboration with the consortium partner for I4ID that leads on democratic governance technical advice - Global Governance Partners (GPG).

  • Lead on building and managing relationships with leaders and
    political stakeholders across democratic governance institutions in
    Tanzania, acting as an ambassador for the programme, bringing strong
    networks and partnerships, and a strong understanding of political
    institutions and processes to the programme.
  • Lead on managing relationships and engaging with elected
    representatives at sub-national and national level, and identifying
    opportunities to provide meaningful technical support to parliament,
    political parties, and on elections, fitting within the broader I4ID
    strategy and workplans.
  • Manage the democratic institutions work of the programme, leading on
    strategy, work plans and budgets, in close collaboration with GPG
    advisers, as well as monitoring and reporting against plans and
    results frameworks, ensuring that appropriate data and analysis is
    provided for wider programme progress and performance monitoring.
  • Provide ongoing technical and practical guidance to integrate
    democratic institutions into issue-based strategies and
    interventions, including identifying opportunities and constraints
    for engaging and drawing on political stakeholders and using
    democratic processes as part of collective action.
  • Managing the work of Tanzanian and international short-term advisors,
    and liaising with partners in this area, ensuring high quality inputs
    and partnerships that contribute to the achievement of overall
    programme goals.
  • Provide analysis, information and lesson-learning on democratic
    institutions work, supporting the integration of democratic
    institution-related issues into I4ID research, learning plans and
  • Exceptional analytical skills for interpreting political issues and
    understanding the political context in Tanzania, and the ability to
    translate analysis into practical programming activities that will
    work in the local context.
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively, in a politically neutral
    and objective manner with political leaders, parliamentarians, local
    councillors and government, and strong existing networks with these
  • Ability to demonstrate awareness of social, political and economic
    developments and use this knowledge effectively.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and managerial skills, with a demonstrated
    ability to inspire and support team members and partners to develop
    and deliver against plans and performance frameworks and achieve
  • Strong team player able to work towards joint goals and have a clear
    understanding of how democratic governance elements of programme fits
    into the overall programme strategy and plans, and collaborate where
    needed with other team members and advisers, in particular to ensure
    that gender and social inclusion considerations are integrated into
    all plans and activities.
  • Dynamic, flexible, politically sensitive and pragmatic approach to
    working, including the ability to identify and take advantage of
    opportunities and entry points or to clearly assess and manage risks,
    where necessary adapting strategies and plans to changing or new
  • Experience of working on democratic governance and/or political
    reform processes in Tanzania is desirable. Previous experience of
    working in a donor funded programme is advantageous but not
Tanzanian nationals are strongly encouraged to apply

Interested candidates are kindly request to submit an application through Palladium's website

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