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Job Vacancy at LL COSMETICS, Position : Driver

Kinondoni, Mikocheni Dar Es Salaam

LL Cosmetics is one of the fastest growing cosmetics companies in Tanzania. We are looking for a professional and trustworthy driver who can join our growing team.

You must have REFERENCES to apply for this job and you must have certificates of driving.

We are looking for an experienced driver to join our team.
Qualities you will have

• Honest – We are looking for someone who is honest and always tells the truth. We want someone with integrity who is ready to drive and serve with honesty.

• Trustworthy – You will be the most trustworthy person on the team who is entrusted with driving the Management and general staff.

• Technically skilled – You will be a technically skilled driver who drives safely to ensure complete and total safety of all staff members.

• Skilled at dealing with traffic police – You will know how to handle being stopped by the vehicle inspectors and traffic officers. You must be able to manage this without assistance from Management.

• Knowledge of trustworthy garages – We are looking for trustworthy garages to work with to build our fleet of cars that we want to grow. You will be the first port of call to fix any problems with any car(s) we will have.

• Professional – You will be an extremely professional driver who treats all car passengers with respect. You will be required to drive in the VIP style of picking up the Director of the business and opening doors. It is understood that there will be night-time driving and weekend driving as need be.

• Knowledgeable of locations in Dar-es-Salaam and Tanzania

• To drive the Commercial Director and her guests

• To drive staff members when required

• To do deliveries when required

• To do weekend driving at any time required

• To do night-time driving

• Maintain high standards of driving at all times

• Drive professionally at all times

• Ensure the car is road-worthy and safe to drive

• Ensure the car is fixed

• 300,000/= TZS to be paid monthly via bank account

• 3 month probation contract and upon successful completion, a permanent position could be offered

How to apply
Call 0692 709 128
to apply for the job.

You can also bring your CV to our shop in Mikocheni A.