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Sample CV For A Procurement Job

The CV is the first document a recruiter or employer uses to distinguish which candidates are suitable for the position in question and which ones are not. For you to make it to the interview stage, it is important that you have a powerful CV that markets your skills and makes the employer or recruiter want to meet you in person.

Most job seekers get it wrong with the CV and end up not getting invited for the interview, blowing the only chance they had to impress. This is usually common when candidates make mistakes such as leave out contact information, do not detail their duties and responsibilities for previous positions or when their CV is badly formatted that recruiters have a hard time establishing if they are qualified or not.

One thing that every job seeker needs to know about the interview selection process, is that recruiters don’t really read through the CV. They scan it in only a few seconds, and it is in these seconds that your well formatted professional CV will capture the recruiter’s or employer’s interest in you.

So, how do you ensure your CV markets your skills and experience to employers in only a few seconds? Below is a sample CV for procurement professionals, take a look at it and customize yours accordingly. If you still have problems, you might want to contact a CV writing expert for assistance.