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Sample MOTIVATIONAL Cover Letter

The main purpose of a motivational cover letter is to persuade the Human Resource Manager that you are the most suitable candidate for the opening in their organization.

It  is usually divided into three paragraphs. The first paragraph should include a description of the position you are applying for, while  the second paragraph, which is usually the longest, describe the reason for your interest. Try to include sentences which show your effort to find information about the company in the motivational letter. In the third paragraph, express your wish to complete the necessary information at a personal interview, then add your closing and accompany your printed signature with a handwritten one.

If you are sending your CV by e-mail, insert the cover letter into the text of the e-mail. In this case the cover letter could be less formal.

Find below a sample motivation cover letter.
Magdalene Owiti
P.O. Box 123456-00111
Nairobi, Kenya

26th March 2013
Mr. Njoroge Gichu
The Human Resource Director
Amazing Marketers (K) Limited
P.O. Box 654-0111

Dear Mr. Gichu,
Re: Application for Marketing Internship
I, Magdalene Owiti, currently in my final year at the University of Nairobi, would like to apply for a 6 month internship for a post in the marketing department of your reputed company.

I am currently pursuing my Masters in Marketing and at our University, we understand the importance of gaining practical knowledge which will complement the theoretical knowledge and help a student gain a wider perspective of the subjects.

During this course I have found that I am well skilled in the art of persuasion, as my teachers and my former employer of 1 and a half years will rightly testify. I am able to get my point across very well, communicate well with people, understand their needs and provide them with a value proposition which clients are unable to refuse. My skills lie in my ability to comprehensively assess and understand the situation and act quickly to provide the client with the best product of service to meet the clients’ needs.

It is for this reason I decided to enroll myself in the University of Nairobi to help me better understand bigger picture and inner workings of marketing which I am passionate about. This has helped me see how consumers behave in different buying situations. It has also helped me learn and has given me an opportunity to develop some soft skills which have proven to be effective thus far.

I am optimistic that my educational and professional background as well as my innate desire to work with you makes me the perfect candidate that you are looking for. If I happen to be selected to fill this post, I will have an opportunity of utilizing my sales and marketing skills for the growth of your organization.

Therefore an internship with you is something I look forward to very keenly.
Kind regards,
Magdalene Owiti
Encl: CV and University Internship Introduction letter.